Distribution Application Form

WhatsApp SIM

Tell Us About Yourself

Name and surname                          Savitha R

Business role/position                     Owner

Phone                                                +91-424-2339396

E-mail                                               naturelabsorg@gmail.com

Tell Us About Your Company

Company Name                              Nature Labs

Core Business                                 Promoting  WhatsApp Movie Advertisement

Country                                             Italy, USA, UK, Singapore, India, China, Brazil, France

Address                                            III-D, Silver Park, E B Colony, Vallipurthan Palayam

State/Province                                Tamilnadu, India

City                                                    Erode -638112

Website URL                                     http://www.mflim.com

In Business Since                             24 May 2003

Number of Employees                     230chatsim-unlimited_en

Main Distributed Brands                 Mobile and Smart Phone

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