This is SOS for Disaster Preparedness – NASA

Aeon Water Limited is Japan based Company.

The annual report of AEON is enclosed in Web :

Official Communication to Prime Minister Office : Registration number PMOPG/E/2016/0306234

We are looking for very URGENT Support to save earth from Global Warming.

Nature Labs @UN supplier. We’re providing 300% profit for promoter of Millets.

1) Urban Flooding
2) Millets as solution for Global Warming

This is SOS for Disaster Preparedness.

NASA | Seeing Photosynthesis from Space. During photosynthesis, plants emit what is called fluorescence — a form of light invisible to the naked eye but detectable by satellites orbiting

Problem : Urban Flooding and Drought in agricultural production chain management.

Proposal : A solution oriented by Asset/Work management for Industry, integrating operations and maintenance in order make efficient use of natural resources (water, land, etc.) to reduce the cost.

World bank Product on Open Data and integration points between those products (varying of data, process or user interface, depending of needed).

Value: Provide support for Millets and efficient usage of natural resources and reduction Global Warming.

What next?.

Reference :


Nature Labs :

Model project :


Nature Labs

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