WATER PURIFIER – RO from BARC, Government of India

B-NOVA, take privilege to introduce our self as a leading quality manufacturer of water purifier. Our track record of past 12 years, has enabled us to receive the most coveted 0.01 Micron Ultra Filtration Membrane Technology, De-Fluoridation assisted with UF Membrane Technology and 0.0001 Membrane Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology from BARC Govt of India.

Our quality products are based on different technologies & we have total 9 model based on different Water purification technology (i.e. De-Fluoride, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration & Ultra Violet (Ultra Violet technology is developed by Rupali Industries). All our products have gained overwhelming acceptance by the market all over Maharashtra & even in other states of India. The company has a successful Customer base of more than 25,000 & over 100 Dealer only in Mumbai and Pune District.
At this Juncture, we take the opportunity to introduce to you Membrane Technology product manufactured at Rupali Industries under the brand Name of ‘B-Nova’.
‘B-Nova’ is manufactured for the Masses, availed at Low Cost, low Maintenance and Electricity free machines.

Our Product B-Nova has been successfully launched in various States; to name few states where the product is doing exceptionally well are Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Bhihar, Orrisa, Himachal Pradesh, Madya Pradesh etc.
The Partner of the Company is an International Swimmer & a Guinness Book of world record holder, the youngest Indian girl to cross English Channel and to have swum all the Seven Seas in the World.

We, at Rupali Industries are committed to satisfy our Client’s needs & expectation through continuous improvement in our Quality Management. The company is certified by ISO 9001:2000 and Water, purified by our water purifiers, has been tested & certified to be 99.9% bacteria and virus free by the Ramakrishna Bajaj Institute of certification & Haffkine Institute of Testing & Research.
Rupali Repale & Rahul Repale Partners for Rupali Industries request the reader of this letter to spare some of your valuable time & look into the most beneficial technology & With your Co-Operation we will be able to promote the activities initiated by our Govt, to ensure ‘Pure water for the masses’ at affordable cost & price. We together can achieve a noble cause of “Health for a Family” for all masses
Infrastructure: Head quartered in Mumbai, company’s Sales cum Service centers cover entire metropolis, suburbs and distant suburbs.

Distributor for Tamil Nadu:
Address: Nature Labs, Seekapatti,, Kulithalai


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