Save the earth from water crisis

Do you know we consume atleast 1500 litres of water per day!. For a cup of coffee requires 140 litres of water as much as 4000 liters of water for 1 kg of rice or wheat to produce.   

In 97. 5% is salt water and out of 2.5% water only 30.1% can be usable. Can we help our world out of this crisis.?.

Millet is one of the oldest foods as their history goes behind 3000 years. Millet grows well on poorly fertilized and dry soils


Millets are amazing in their nutrition content. Each of the millets is three to five times nutritionally superior to the widely promoted rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Together we fight against hunger, by twitting “I eat Millets”, Millets is God grain to save the Universe.

Contact@Nature Labs

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