Nature Labs

Welcome to Nature Labs

Nature Labs works on Research Projects that would help ecology. The research goal of Nature Labs to innovate things that would preserve our nature, create job opportunities, earning for rural people, bridge the gap between urban and rural requirements and hence reduce the traveling to cities for education and jobs.

The direct impact of creating job opportunities from technology and implementation of innovation, with joint hands of government schemes, natural bodies and private sectors, project network for academic institutions, help to reduce the pollution, clean water and healthy food.

Nature Labs promotes the awareness, learning and knowledge on organic farming, millet, rural education through Rural learning. Anyone can approach us for requirements for healthy food with affordable price, learning and research requirements without travel, nature cure and more.. We are working on research problems on end to end solution in agriculture, consumer and ecology.

Our broader area of works are:

We also provide guideline for the study opportunity that cover without travel involved. Our focus is on to develop the system, provide helping hand for learners.

Job opportunities in Agriculture: Organic farming and converting raw grains to consumable products there by avoiding migration to cities.Revenue: Increase the revenue of Agriculture by direct marketing of food products made from Organic Farming and Millets.

Health: Heart disease, diabetic challenges are higher for people taking more rice and oil foods. Hence with enablers of food items made from millet, promote food produced by organic fertilizer,consultation for physical exercise and nature cure program and hence achieve good health for every one.

Nature labs wanted to focus research in Engineering, Natural medicine, Agriculture, rural learning on nature fertilizer, rural marketing, research on simulation on agriculture growth from Rural learning from existing course (Basic sciences on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science) to provide a refined agriculture courses (in natural farming, promotion of small grain cultivation etc) to motivate farmers and young rural stud

Please write to us on your requirements on research or requirements on ecology partnership, rural development, healthy food for all, clean water. Contact :


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